The Uproar shall cease!

The Uproar shall cease!

"For we are in danger to be called in question for this day's uproar, there being no cause whereby we may give an account of this concourse."

Demetrius, a silversmith, who made silver shrines for the goddess Diana, suddenly discover that his customers were no more patronizing him because one ‘trouble maker’ named Paul, came to town with the bible.Demetrius was so distraught and troubled about the zeal of Paul in preaching the gospel in Ephesus and in the whole of Asia. But that was not his major problem, it was the rate the people were accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour that led him to start the uproar. They refused to follow fake gods (idolatry) and  to buy ‘junk materials’ to serve dead gods.He quickly gathered people of like minds who gullibly and easily bought into  his deceits and ill motives. They reported Paul to the officials and before you know it, Paul was in jail as usual!  Have you being falsely accused because you are zealous for God? I have been so accused several times.

Have you being falsely accused in your matrimonial home, at the place of work, at school as a student, in the ministry, on your business or career path?Don’t worry, God will fight for you and the uproar shall cease in Jesus name.What is interesting in this case is that the town clerk or the judge is the person God used to bring the uproar to an end. He asked one simple question ‘why are you fighting for the great goddess Diana that fell from Jupiter!’Here is the deal – God will send your accusers to their toothless and godless gods and so discharge and acquit  you today!That fire burning you from the Demetrius of your life will be quenched in Jesus name!That matter in court will be thrown out in Jesus name!That panel will not find you guilty in Jesus name!God will expose the deceit of the enemy . You will not go to prison for your zeal for God unnecessarily!

“And when he had thus spoken, he dismissed the assembly.” Act 19:41
Remember there will always be a Demetrius an accuser of the brethren, they are the descendants of Satan. Don’t let their uproar or any challenge , or accusation stop you from preaching the gospel it never stopped Paul! 
As thy Lord’s servant, I rebuke every evil perpetrator harassing you today in Jesus name .

I dismiss every uproar( trouble) against you today . I dismiss today every evil gathering against your marriage , career, body, children, parents, ministry and business in the mighty name of Jesus.I command the uproar against your life to cease in Jesus name!“If the son shall set you free, you are free indeed. “ The Chief Townclerk, the only one that is great (not Diana) thy Lord Jesus Christ, today shall dismiss the evil assembly against you and set you free today. Shalom.


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