Prayer against covid-19

Prayer against covid-19


March 16Command The MorningsPastor Amos Dada PhD, P. EngThis

week.1. I command an end to the spread of coronavirus – COVID – 19 in Jesus name .

2. I command immediate and instantaneous healing  to all that have been afflicted and affected  in Jesus name .

3. I command an end to global panic due to COVID 19 in Jesus name.

4. I command an end to the global spiral economic meltdown and projected recession due to COVID 19 in Jesus name.

5. I command that you and your family shall not be a victim of COVID 19 forever in Jesus name.

6. I command  that the blood of Jesus and the healing words of Psalm 91 shall be a shield for you and your loved ones against  COVID 19 in Jesus name.

7. I command that you will see the end of COVID 19 and COVID 19 shall not see your end in Jesus name.


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