Amos Dada

Amos Dada


Dr. Amos Dele Dada is a Chemical Engineer by training and a Preacher, Teacher, Pastor, and Evangelist by calling. The District Superintendent and Pastor-in-charge of Christ Apostolic Church Bethel Toronto and Director of Mission CAC Bethel District of North America.

personal life

Pastor Dada strongly believes that marriage should be between man and woman and he is an advocate of ‘no divorce’. He currently ministers in Christ Apostolic Church Bethel Toronto with his wife, anointed; Holy Spirit filled Lady Evangelist Eyitayo Dada a Legal Practitioner, Administrator and Consultant on Environmental Law. Their children are blessed and they are obvious assets to the body of Christ.

church planting

Pastor Dada who gave his life to be a follower of Christ on February 10, 1977 has been used of God to plant churches and to minister the word of God across the globe.


In 2003, as directed by the Lord, himself and his wife commenced International Gathering of Eagles Conference, this is one way by which he has been used of God to put Canada on the spiritual map of the world. This annual conference attracts Christians from all continents of the world and thereby affects the social, tourist and spiritual landscape of Canada positively.

Pastor Dada has ministered in over 41 nations of the world, some of the nations he has ministered including, South Africa, Germany, France many States in the U.S.A, Nigeria, Israel, Portugal, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Netherlands, Scotland, Britain, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Eritrea and of recent Libya and Ghana to mention but a few.

Eyitayo Dada