International Gathering of Eagles

International Gathering of Eagles

IGOE Vision:

2023 LOCATION – The jEWEL event CENTRE

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55 Sovereign Ct, Woodbridge, ON L4L 8M1

The International Gathering of Eagles conference is a place for ministers and leaders of the gospel to sharpen the sword. It provides an annual opportunity to refocus the ministry, rekindle energy and interact with other ministers of the gospel with diverse gifts in the ministry. As a result of the International character of the conference, with delegates coming from Asia, Africa, Europe and North America, the IGOE provides a platform of interaction amongst ministers from different nations and diverse cultures, thereby fostering cross cultural understanding and opening up avenues of ministry to new fields.

Our goal is to lift up Jesus, raise an eagle generation and put Canada on the spiritual map of the world.

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IGOE offers series of experiences consisting of praise, worship, teachings, music ministrations, prayers, and deliverance session’s impartation of the Holy Spirit and healing my anointed ministers of God from all over the nation. An annual conference organized at the Toronto head quarters in the third week of September. A school of ministry for Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers.

IGOE History 

The International Gathering of Eagles conference is an annual even started in 2003 as mandated by God through his servant Amos Dele Dada, Senior Pastor of Christ Apostolic Church Bethel Toronto, Canada.
Vision: To put Canada on the spiritual map of the world. Forum for training and mentoring leaders so that they may train others for the development and enlargement of the body of Christ through their various ministries and parishes.


An Apostolic, Evangelical and Pentecostal body, helping churches to develop their leaders and youth. Bringing deliverance, healing and restoration to the total man through the ministration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


• to propagate the gospel of Christ
• To educate the community of the necessity of faith based education
• To motivate the youth to take on community leadership roles
• To motivate, support and prepare ministers for the transformation of their congregations and communities in rural, urban and mega churches.
• To forge Godly alliances and promote unity across denominational lines and doctrinal differences. To create an atmosphere for prayers on national issues, networking, and developing relationships

global vision

The ministry is to extend the IGOE vision to different parts of the world through conferences, seminars, workshops, satellite, church planting, crusades and outreaches and international chapters. To date chapters of IGOE conferences have been established in India, Uganda, Malaysia and Nigeria to mention a few.

To date the ministry has been sustained through free will donations of individuals and corporate bodies. To partner with us to sponsor a future conference; contact us at Christ Apostolic Church Bethel Toronto or click here to send us an email..

Speakers and Gospel Artists 

IGOE conferences features experienced speakers and leaders who are influencing the world for Christ within their areas of vocation and gifting.

Worship experiences led by different gospel artists and insightful teachings my anointed men and women of God from different parts of the world are constant points of blessing at the IGOE

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