Youth & Young Adult

Youth & Young Adult

welcome to daniel generation

We are a group of young adults from age 13 to 18 and singles of all ages. We meet at the Last Saturday of Every Month

ApplICATION OF Christ’s Teachings

Join us for ACT as we discuss christ teaching that applicable to our daily life’s. It is a one hour event that holds every last Saturday of the month at 3pm prompt, right before “Lifted Voices”. It is a time of prayer, exhortation & fellowship with lunch provided.

Lifted Voices. Follows right after ACT (4:00pm-6:00pm). It
is for all Youth and Young adults with the skill and desire to
worship God with singing, dancing, and instruments. It
serves as a practice for the Worship Experience service (the
next day!)

Virtual Encounter

Virtual Encounter. Is a 1 hour online monthly (second
Thursday) bible study powered by Zoom meeting. This year
we will be going through the book titled “The Holy Spirit and
His Gifts” by Kenneth Hagin. Your child is not too young to
be filled with the Holy Spirit!

Worship experience

Worship Experience. This is our service, where the Youth and Young Adults lead us in worship to our God. It is the last Sunday of each month except scheduled otherwise.

campus cafe

In the Summer, virtual encounter becomes a
physical fellowship that takes place at York University (Second Fridays May-Jul.). We share the word, pressing
issues, fellowship, prayer, and after that the Young adults
treat the youth to dinner.

Annual youth confrence

Annual Youth Convention. This event takes place in August.

See You soon We Look forward to meeting you

Daniel Generation Leadership


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