Custom Pages

Custom Pages

The theme has features for publishing your homepage, sermons, events, locations and team. WordPress itself includes blogging, photo galleries and the ability to create pages with your own content. You can create an unlimited number of pages and link to them from your menu and other places.

Page Ideas

Content Editor

The Gutenberg content editor in WordPress makes it easy to publish a wide range of content. You can write headings and paragraphs with the ability to adjust font size, make text italic or bold, add links and so on. Other content blocks include images, videos, quotes, tables and more. Here’s a look.

See Block Styling for a demonstration of how the theme displays various content created in the editor.

Header Image

You can optionally upload a header image for a page to show instead of the site’s default header image.

Content Width

This theme is carefully designed to show only a certain number of characters per line. This increases the user’s reading comfort. You may notice popular online publications have a narrow content area for the same reason. Things like large images, galleries, videos and blockquotes can extend beyond the normal width to create a dramatic effect (example).

The default page template is narrow. You may also choose a wider template when more space is desired for a custom page.