couples & Family councelling

couples & Family councelling

Are you coping with recurring issues or problems that leave you feeling frustrated and alone? Are you in a situation where nobody is thinking about you? If you’re looking for support through counselling or therapy then we would like to help. IGOEM raises eagle believers. The divorce rate in Canada is astronomical and we want to minimise that. The case where we are also having a ‘fatherless’ community becuase the fathers are in jail is not wholesome. We therefore build Eagle homes, by which I mean stable marriages,Holy Spirit Filled Children, adorable wives and responsible husband using the word of God.

If you’re experiencing stress and problems related to relationships, school, work, unwanted behaviour or poor self-esteem we have a particular kind of therapy that is designed to help you overcome your obstacles so that you can have more peace of mind, better relationships, and more satisfaction in your life. Our goal is to help you find the root of the trouble so that together we can make the changes you want happen through prayers and strong biblical counseling.

Visit one of Pastor Amos Dada’s couples therapy section.

Please visit at CAC Bethel Chapel,
94 Kenhar Drive Suite 22,
North York
M9L 1N2

Monday through Friday until early evening.