C.A.C Bethel Virtual Camp

C.A.C Bethel Virtual Camp

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C.A.C Bethel Toronto Church Virtual Camp
Jul 12 - Aug 23
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Terms of Agreement: I give consent for my child to participate fully in this program. I recognize that participation in the C.A.C Bethels Children's Camp requires the use of an internet connection,and consequently assume the associated risks that come with access to an internet connection. I acknowledge that C.A.C Bethel cannot supervise or take responsibility for the participant’s use of technology outside of the program platform. I give consent for my child to participate in program evaluation questionnaires. I understand that these questionnaires will be used internally to improve future programming and that no information linked to my child will be published publicly. I give C.A.C. Bethel permission to take videos or photos of my child participating in the program for the purposes of C.A.C Bethel's promotions (e.g. promotional videos, photos for our website, etc.). *

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