About Us

About Us


Our mission is to glorify God through his son Jesus Christ, by proclaiming the gospel and making disciples of all nations. To this end, we depend completely on the word of God and on the power of the Holy Spirit. We are committed to serving the Lord by welcoming others and loving one another, We are committed to sharing the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ to people who are yet to be redeemed.


Our vision is to know more of God’s love, reach more people, make more disciples, release more labourers, plant more churches and give more glory to God.

Core Values

Committed to the spiritual growth, unlimited healing and stability of everyone. We are committed to challenging every believer to develop a personal devotional life involving player; bible reading, meditation, fasting and other bible-based personal spiritual exercise.We are committed to provide opportunity for every believer to discover, develop and use his or her spiritual gifts and talents to fulfill the mission of this church.

Committed to reach children, youth and adult recognizing our responsibility to prepare them to serve Christ in their generation, and build a Multi-racial, Pentecostal, Apostolic and Interdenominational church of all nations.

Join us Weekly at one of our 3 Locations in Ontario