Every believer must be strategically positioned in a local church, in order to effectively participate in God’s global commission. New members and prospective new members are held in a very high esteem here at CAC (Bethel) Toronto.
As a growing Church, it is our joy and privilege to have you at this great oasis. Our intentions are to reach out to all who desire membership at CAC (Bethel) Toronto, the open hands of fellowship, family, friendship and the love of God. There is always an effort on the part of our staff and leadership to welcome prospective members with warmth and love.

The New Membership consist of the following:

1 Welcome Home!

  • Salvation
  • The assurance of salvation
  • Water baptism
2 The Vision
  • Mission strategy
  • Mission statement
3 Personal Growth and Development
  • Daily prayer and meditation on the Word

4 Taking your Place

  • Ministries
  • Benefits and entitlements of membership
  • Responsibilities and commitments of membership
5  Journey into Faith
  • Transforming Weekend Preparation

New Membership and prospective members are provided with necessary verbal and/or written information packages which include:

  • The Vision and Mission of CAC (Bethel) Toronto
  • Written information about the vision and mission
  • A comprehensive overview of the various ministries in the Church
  • Helping to understand individual gifts and talents and how they can be used to serve the Lord and His Ministry.

Membership Privileges

  • The un-compromised Word of God.
  • Pastoral care and counselling.
  • The love and friendship of people.
  • A sense of belonging to a family.
  • Access to special services and ceremonies of the church including baby dedications, funerals and weddings.
  • Visitations in time of illness or hospitalization.